The Other Son Kindle Edition

United Kingdom

••• Selected by Amazon in the category: Best Fiction Books of 2015 ••• 

"An emotional, intimate and uplifting new novel" – from the author of The Photographer's Wife

From Nick Alexander, named by Amazon as the UK's 3rd bestselling indy author (#1 ebook hits: The Half-Life of Hannah , The French House, The Photographer’s Wife...) comes an intimate new novel. 

Alice has been lying to herself for years, holding fast to the belief that the needs of her family far outweigh her own. 

But her outwardly successful marriage hides dark secrets, and for much of her life, the children were the only reason she stuck around. 

These days, though her successful banker son lives nearby, his young wife seems to do everything she can to keep Alice at bay. As for Alice’s other son, he has always been something of a stranger and has been traveling for so long that Alice isn’t even sure what continent he is on anymore. 

Alice can’t help but wonder if the effort she expends presenting a united front to the outside world is actually helping anyone and what would happen if she suddenly stopped pretending. 

Could life, like the novels she devours, hold surprises in its closing chapters?  
And if she did shake everything up by admitting the truth about her marriage, would anyone be on her side? Has the time finally come for Alice to put her own needs first? 

For the first time in years, her heart is racing. Can Alice really change her life? 
Dare she even imagine such a thing?