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Ascot Local

Gambia, Banjul

Get your business registered on our online business directory and be featured on our website. 


The Ascot Local Service is a Wesat Africa  Business Directory Service. 


Ascot Local provides 3 entry points for businesses to promote and gain new clientele across West Africa. 


1. Website: www.ascotlocal.com is the default service that every business interested in our service must subscribe to. It is a robust  e-business site that  promotes a business and allows clients to send enquires about their services and goods. 


2. Directory Publication: Ascot Local will publish a business directory listing for the area or region or country depending on the number of business enrolled. We will publish every year and distribute for sale at recognised outlets.


3. Telephone service: Ascot Local provides a calling premium service where anyone can call from any network in and make enquires about a business telephone contact number and also have the means to ask for directions on how to get to a business. Users will call a number like 135 or 1818 and connect  to Ascot.  It is going to be a customer service from 8am to 8pm.